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    I take a TON of pictures.  Thousands per month.  What do I take pictures of?  My little bumpkins, food & everybody else around me.  I’m not really a lover of taking food pictures but don’t be shocked if you see me pop in a fabulous lasagna dinner with a glass of wine.

    I am a layered woman!  layers of Photos, cupcakes and deals.  Have I sparked your attention yet?   I’m so passionate about all these things It keeps me up late into the wee hours of the morning.  Anyone who know’s someone with multiples…know’s they should not be up into the wee hours of anything.  My twins wear me out!!  But they also keep me going…

    I love practicing taking pictures of cupcakes because they don’t move and they are adorable.  Expect more and more of that!

    Peanut#2By the way..I love to photograph by request….if you want me….contact me!