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    Who the heck is this woman writing about living frugally & snapping pictures and eating cupcakes? Hmmmm, let me tell you.

    I am…

    • the type of woman that uses the word “heck” allot!
    • 39.. (maybe, I lost track somewhere along the road)
    • a mother {to boy & girl twins}
    • a wife {to a tech junky cowboy, yep he’s from cowboy land}
    • super clumsy
    • a lover of all things funny (even if I don’t get it…LOL)
    • super organzied…yes, almost OCD until the twins arrived! Now I just try to make it through the day.
    • quiet amongst allot of people.  I figure if you want the floor, you can have it!  Unless you get me to start talking…watch out!
    • not shy…at all, just quiet
    • a chatty watty if  it’s just you and me (so be prepared if I meet you)
    • always singing, even though I can’t sing
    • always enjoying my kids so I might not post EVERY second of the day. I’m busy LIVING!

    Ok, I think that’s the quick and skinny of who “Lala” is.  I’ve blogged for about 10 years now, on just about every platform there is.  I love everything techy.  Well both the hubby(a.k.a. cowboy) and I do.  Yes, we are “that” couple that instant messages each other from across the room.  Don’t laugh…you’ll probably try that tonight too.

    After almost 8 years and I still have my days where I struggle being a mama to multiples (twins).  They were a shock!  The hubby and I waited almost 12 years before we even thought about having children.  But what a blessing they are.  They have taught me so much about myself.  Some good, some not so good.  However, I am a better person having them in my life.  You might find me referring to them as Peanut,Little Mama, Princess or Tiger, Chunk, Pop throughout my blog.

    Let’s see what else..I am a lover of sweets!  Oh man, I love my lifestyle.  I love to live my best frugal life all day all the time!  I also love to sleep & bake.  I’m sure those two items should never go hand in hand.

    That’s it folks.  If I share any more info, I might have to call you family!

    Why did I start this blog you ask?

    For allot of reasons, but mainly because my BFF re-introduced me to using coupons in winter of 2008.  And since I am a stay at home mommy with twins, I was more than happy to find other ways to my make my hubby’s dollars stretch a bit further.  Sure he gives me slack about bringing home 10 bottles of Purex or 20 bottles of Soft Soap, but best believe he loves it when I bring home 10 Gillette Shaving Blades.  Oh yeah!  He’s gotten quite comfortable over the past few years dipping into our over flow storage/pantry.

    I will continue blogging long into my gray years [hold on, that’s now..hahah].  I  have many other blogs I’ve collected over the years.  Why?  Because I have many different passions.  Maybe one day I’ll collaborate them all into one spot but until then, you can also find me here sometimes to:

    • TheDealFanatic – This is just how I live…my frugal life.
    • CupyCakey – doesn’t the name just give it away
    • Lenz Love – I love my camera, I just wish I could spend more time with it.
    • Travel – it’s basically this site with a focus on pure travel. This is where all my dealfanatic savings goes to….travel!

    Everything on this blog has been done by myself,  just little ole’ me….  So you might find from time to time that I’m tweaking the design of things a bit.  No…I’m not a programmer. Just driven.   So if you click around and find something not working, it’s probably because I got a wild hair that day and goofed it up.  Just leave me a comment and I’ll fix it up!  I hope you enjoy it here.  I try not to post a thousand times a day.  Why?  If a deal is hot, I’ll get it to you {mostly on Facebook or Twitter because it’s quick!  But I’d rather check out the deal and make sure it’s something I can share YOU my readers.  And living frugally is not finding only “that” deal but a lifestyle.  Welcome to mine!

    And did I tell you I love to chat….so leave me a little comment and we can  get to know one another.