Strawberry Morning Cupcake Delights

Cupcake by whole foods market

Have you ever had a craving for the something salty with a dash of sweet?  I love the two together.  I popped into Whole Foods Market this morning and lo and behold, there was a cupcake calling my name out so loud I could hear it from the rear of the store.

A cupcake, you say?  So early in the morning?  Why yes, yes I do!  The perfect piece of bacon with a side of grits and a sweet cupcake make me happy (it’s the little things).

I’m always amazed at the grocery store cupcakes and how delicious they are.  BUT, Whole Foods Market has taken this cupcake thing to a whole new level.  This cupcake had all the elements of perfection:

  • dense
  • sweet but not too sweet
  • perfectly proportioned
  • and oh so moist

I had to get it!  Even though this little beauty was a whopping $2 bucks and change, remember….it was calling my name. Have you ever had a cupcake from Whole Foods Market before?  What’s your favorite?


**and by the way, I’ll be putting this on my map because it’s just that yummy!