Velvety Banana Cream Mini’s

One of the memories I have as a child is my moms Banana Cream Pie. I loved it but have never been a huge banana eater. I just loved the creaminess of the banana cream and banana wafers. There’s a place here in Las Vegas called Lucille’s BBQ. It’s amazing to the 10th degree! I live no where near it but will make the drive because it’s so yummy. You know something is THAT good when you will waste gas just to get that taste…you know?

On the days when my cowboy thinks I’ve lost my mind and I need to keep my bum home, I make this. And truthfully, this is so good…I no longer need to go there unless I just want to not cook.

Just to give you an idea of how much you can save making this dish at home vs. going out to eat. Here’s a break down of items purchased from a grovery store without coupons (of course this would never happen…lol. So just imagine what this amount would be with coupons and your savings).

Total = $9.39. That’s approx. $1.17 per person when you are making 8 mini ramekins. Each Ramekin holds .5 cup/4 ounces.

Lucilles’s Old-Fashioned Banana Pudding Large – 4.49 Small 2.99

For a copy of this recipe, head over to the recipe section and add to your box or print. Enjoy!
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