Flirty Aprons are my faves

So by now you’ve probably figured out my love for aprons.  No?  Well, just stick around and you’ll find out.  To me, there’s nothing better than to get in the kitchen with a cute apron.  These fancy little numbers use to be a tool to keep your clothes clean in case company rolled in.  Really?  Clearly we’ve evolved over the years.  But I love the nostalgia of this concept.  It’s something similar to your Sunday’s best. Which seems to be falling by the way side as well.

I am so happy that aprons and not just any aprons but stylish and glamorous aprons have found there way back to society.

Living in Las Vegas it’s great to put one of these with a T-Shirt and cook.  Keeps you cool and of course you have that sense of “trendy chicness”.    I am a very old fashioned girl.  Love old movies, mainly because it was a time when folks really took time with each other.  Manners, Etiquette, and defined roles.  Now…step it up into today’s time and I love it now too.  I am a gadget girl that likes her identity.  These type of aprons to me, represent exactly that.  A bit of history with today’s flare.  

Now because of my frugal side I also look for the best pricing.  I want to look haute cooking but I don’t want to break the bank while doing it…rihgt?  I’m not alone on this right?  This super cute red Flirty Apron is on clearance for only$12.99.  I could rock this one all day.  So adorable and full of color.  And yes they make it in children sizes as well.  My daughter would love this.

So if you are an apron wearing guy or gal, where do you store these cute little items?  In the drawer?  On display?  I’m so curious because right now I store them in a drawer but I’m thinking of doing some sort of pegged board and cutely displaying them for all to see my other love.  Oh I have so many loves!!

Flirty Aprons are just one of my faves, What’s yours?