How Cupy Cakey makes Cake Pops

CakeBalls.  I’ve seen it, I’ve watched it but never tried.  Looked simple enough right?  Walk with me on my journey {yes I said journey because it was} as I “pretend” to make cake balls.

It would have been so helpful to know what exact tools and where to get them so let’s start there.  If you click through to the above image you’ll be taken to my flickr page that will in detail share with you what each of the items cost and where I purchased them.

Step I: -Bake

I started out with just a plain boxed Chocolate Cake Mix I purchased on Clearance of course.  These cake balls were made for a children’s party and I wanted to make it as economical and child friendly as possible.


Step II: Crumb

You’ll want to make sure the cake is completely cooled.  Preferably overnight.  Now, if your like me you want to know why.  If you attempt to crumble the cake while it’s hot it just simply will not work out.  The cooler the cake is the better it will all stick together.  If you have a food processor that would be great to use also.  A great smooth crumbly consistency is what your looking for.


Step III: Adding Icing

I will admit.  The first time I did this I added too much icing to this mixture and it never was firm enough.  My rule of thumb now is for every sheet cake I add 1/2 container of icing and then blend in more as needed.


I could have made a simple cream cheese icing because it truly is the simplest thing to make but for time purposes I just used good Ole Betty Crocker.  The icing will not even be seen so for me this was a great option.


Step IV: Molding

I think I tried every method to keep the balls consistent and if you know of a way, please share.  However, what it boilded down to was just eyeballing it and grabbing up a scoop at a time to form the balls.


Also the first time I did this, it was a stick gooey mess {because of the over abundance of icing} you’ll know you have too much when the mixture is sticking to your hands.

Step V: Cleaning

After you make your balls, place them in the frig.  I put mine in overnight but 4-5 hours should be fine.  While you wait, I love to stress to my family and friends to clean while you cook.  This is HUGE to me. If I’m in the moment and just siimply can’t get my head out of the moment….then it’s ok.  but my dad always said, a good cook always cleans while they cook.  Maybe that’s why I don’t like to do main course cooking.


Step VI: Candy Coating

For the coating I used the Kroger Store Brand Candy coating. The entire package made the full box of cake mix cake balls.  And I had some left over for Oreo Cake Pops I’ll show in a bit.


This is my home made double boiler.  You don’t need to have a fancy one but if you do…. absolutely pull it out and enjoy!


I will tell you now that I don’t have any pictures with the cake balls dipped in chocolate {I know I know} But I will be doing this again soon with a Vanilla Bean mix so I’ll be sure to snap pictures.


After the chocolate is completely melted I just stick the {longer of the two} lollipop stick into the cake ball and dip into the melted chocolate. Give it a little twirl so it’s nice an even.  Stand up in the Styrofoam and let cool.  Now you could place the pop on it’s head but I wanted a smooth pop.

Now this is what I made with the left over candy coating.


For the original baker of Cake Pops you MUST check out Bakerella.  She makes them into these fabulous characters and she’s just all around fabulous.