Bloggy Boot Camp~Food Edition


Bloggy BootCamp Food Edition

I just recently came back froma fabulous trip to Arizona where I attended Bloggy Boot Camp.   It was my first time attending a conference and I’m so glad this was the one.  When looking for conferences to attend this year I focused on the ones that offered intimacy, close location & bloggers that I was interested in connecting with.  Bloggy Boot Camp Phoenix was the perfect fit for all that!

For complete details of my trip you can view them here,  but I wanted to share with you some of the delicious food we had while at camp.

Our lunch was served on the Patio of the Xona Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It was a WARM 80 degrees, if you can believe it.  I think I melted within 10 minutes just like my butter.  And…I’m a native of the desert.  I’m sure I looked like one large shinny melting hershey kiss. – moving on –

I LOVE salad!  I could eat it all day.  And I would need to because I never get full.  But this salad…this salad was so delicious.  Light, crisp and refreshing.  A perfect start for a patio lunch.


Main Dish:

The main dish was a Pan Fried Breast of Chicken with a Lemon Caper White Wine Sauce Served over a Bed of Herbed Linguini & Garnished with Julienne Vegetables.  I adore capers.  They just give that hint of “finished”.



Really we could have just eaten this and because I am who I am, this would have been perfect.  At first glance I expected the dessert to be warm.  However, it was cold and a perfect treat to the blazing sun.  A crusted Tart filled with apples and topped with crumbs & nuts.  Drizzled with a raspberry sauce.  Can we say divine!    Heaven in your mouth this one.  Each bite was deliciously flavored with all the of ingredients.

If I would have had a glass of white wine this would have been perfect!  Many many thanks to the ladies that put this shindig together!! Heather & Tiffany are fabulous ladies!