Review: Retro Bakery Las Vegas


It’s 6am on a Saturday morning April 10, and my twins burst into our room as usual.  The first to ram through the door, is Chunk..a.k.a. “Pop”.  Before the words Good Morning roll off his tongue, he asks for a  “fruit bar.”  I literally should own stock in Kellogg’s from all the am & pm fruit bars I’ve given this child.  I told him in my sweetest {trying really hard to ignore the early speaking} – “we are going to get some cupcakes this morning….can’t you wait just a bit?”

With this vision in my mind and hopefully placing in my “I need to eat now child” – hopefully I’ve been given at least an hour to get myself dressed and a little road snack before we get there.

Retro Bakery is in the North side of Las Vegas.  We’ve lived in Vegas for 10 years now but I have visited Vegas many many times while growing up in California.  The north side of Las Vegas in those days meant, nothing past Decatur Blvd {for local understanding only}.  Now, we literally need to pack a little road snack to go to this far yonder place.  But let me tell you, when you do…and you finally get there….you will no that it doesn’t matter where Retro Bakery is located, you will come! And the tiny parking lot was Packed with massive flow!

We arrived around 10am and they were in FULL swing of the hustle and bustle.  You would have thought you were on the strip with as much traffic as this little quaint bakery had flowing through the doors.


My twins with eyes wide open and little hands grabbing at anything and everything, I let them pick their flavor or choice and there were plenty.  Keri, one of the Retro Bakery Owners and mastermind {in my opinion} with her hubby, run this fabu shop.  I didn’t get the opportunity to meet him because of his delivery superhero duties but you can tell you that he has a huge presence in the store.

Being a Las Vegas local it was great to see a thriving bakery.  And the fact that it’s so far out from the strip and still many, many make the drive…speaks mounds.  Heck, even I did and I can tell that I live NO Where near this Retro Bakery.  I’ll admit, I heart anything retro,vintage or chic.  And if you can put them all together, you absolutely have a winner.  But truly, they had me at Re………

With over 20+ choices we went for only two, but oh we will be back for more.  My little peanuts had the Vanilla Loves Vanilla.  Techie Cowboy and I shared Pucker Up – a Raspberry cake topped with lemon buttercream.


They were both super moist {this is HUGE for me} and not too sweet but full of flavor. BUT the one I wanted to try was……the Maple Bacon cupcake.


Just listen to the description: Bacon cake –STOP– what is that?  I must have it— Resume:  filled with maple syrup and topped with maple buttercream.  Does that not just have southern written all over it?  I can NOT wait until I try that.  I’m saving it for my next visit because I know it will be soon {wink wink to Kari & fam}.

At an astonishing low price of $2.65 per cupcake {really people, in cupcake land this is a steal} I will pack my road snack anytime to head over there.   Scrumalicious!!! – yes this is my own word, I know 🙂 but it is.

*For location head to our map and hover over Nevada for store details.

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