Happy Birthday Lemon

Today is MY day!  I know..a little self indulgent but after having twins I need to be that way sometimes just to be heard..LOL.  Fact:  I love buying cakes! another fact: I love making cakes.  So last night I started baking my cupcakes, the ultimate simple recipe for the perfect Lemon cupcake.  I wanted to candy some lemon pieces but it was so late and today…today I’m doing nothing but eating!

These cupcakes were the little brother to the regular size cupcakes.  Just little bites. They look bigger don’t they?  Perfect for little hands to have a couple and not make a mess.   They are about a third the size of a small lemon.
It was so late last night when I started them I didn’t ice them until today and I love how settled and firm the cake is the next day.  Have you ever noticed that?

I love photographing cupcakes too!  Because one they don’t move..LOL. And they are just the perfect treat that will make your mouth water.
Bite Size Cupcakes

You can also click through any of the pictures to view my flickr.  I’ll post additional pictures there too!

You can see full recipe here in the recipe list.  Do you have a favorite lemon recipe?  You can share that here